Gunjack 2 : End of Shift from CCP Apk Download

Immerse yourself in the all-new, cinematic VR world of Gunjack 2: End of Shift from CCP. Transporting you to the dangerous Outer Ring of New Eden, Gunjack 2: End of Shift is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and best-selling VR shooter set in the EVE universe.

Gunjack 2 : End of Shift from CCP Download and features

Gunjack 2 Apk

Everyone fights in New Eden. Some fight for power. Others for money. But out here, on the fringes of space, most fight simply to see another day. Far from the comforts of civilization, the vast mining rig, Kubera, is your home. As a turret operator charged with destroying waves of attackers, you stand united with your crew mates in the defense of the rig.

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  • Moto Z support has been added.
  • Due to high-quality audio bandwidth requirements, use of Bluetooth headphones is not supported as it leads to degraded audio quality.
  • Gunjack 2: End of Shift is available in English only.
  • For best audio experience please use wired headphones.
  • This application is governed by CCP’s end user license agreement.


All-New Free Game Update now available! New Challenge mode, progression system, special weapons & upgrades, and more!

– Compete for the top score against other players rewards in the new Challenge mode.

– Earn experience and advance through the Progression system to unlock special weapon upgrades and the new Pyro Slicer.

– Customize your Loadout and choose the special weapons that fit your play style and become the greatest Gunjack that ever lived!

CCP Games said that Gunjack has been updated with higher resolution graphics, better textures and effects, and higher quality audio. The company has also added achievements and leaderboards to the game for the PC release.

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The Verdict

EVE: Gunjack is the second game of the year to build upon the pre-existing EVE universe, though this one is the most bare bones of the bunch. While the turret controls are very polished and the power-ups are a lot of fun to use, the gameplay itself can become tedious after awhile in the rather short EVE: Gunjack.

Unlike EVE: Valkyrie, Gunjack features a much more singular experience. Beyond a tutorial and the 22 levels in the game, there is nothing else to experience. This is very likely due to the game’s mobile game like roots on the Gear VR, but it would have been nice to get something a little extra that could give the game more replay value beyond the first playthrough that won’t take very long at all.

Gear VR Smash Hit ‘Gunjack’ Making Its Way To PC

CCP Games’ announced that it will be releasing a PC version of its exciting Gear VR arcade shooter, Gunjack. Gunjack was a launch title for the Gear VR back in November, and CCP said it has been “the top-selling game on the platform ever since.” At the end of the month, Gunjack will also become a launch title for the Rift.

In Gunjack, you play as a turret operator on a mining vessel. Your goal is to “protect the rig from pirates, opportunists,” and anyone else trying to steal your company’s look. So, the game takes place in CCP’s EVE universe, just like the company’s other VR title, EVE: Valkyrie.

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