Yo Whatsapp v6.40 apk Latest version and download

Yo Whatsapp is the quick and stable WhatApp mode version 2017. Yo Whatsapp [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] is the developed by Yousef Al-Basha. Here able to add the profile pic on the chat Features. Also, an ability to recognize the weather according to your rezone and the message receive in normal or broadcast. This is yo whatsapp form appsGround. Here added extra exclusively pinned chat that is the impressive features than other modded version. It is the Strong privacy modded WhatsApp, here user quickly change their privacy setting and also able to change the current theme or remove it. It’s most popular features is supper fast speed and no lag on the chatting time. It’s another features are below.

Yo Whatsapp v6.40 apk Latest version and Reatures.

Yo Whatsapp

Some features for yo whatsapp:

  • Contact Online/Last seen Status in the Main screen.
  • Contact Online Toast.
  • Contact Status in Conversation screen.
  • [New] FAB (Floating action button).
  • [Exclusive] Specific Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts!).
  • Bubbles Style.
  • Ticks Style.
  • [Fixed] Fab Background Animation ( Option 4.0.4 ).
  • [Fixed] Square Photo Corners ( Option 2.2.3 ).
  • Profile Picture DoubleTap to Zoom IN (iOS feature).
  • Disable Heads-up for Lollipop.
  • [Fixed] Hyperlink Color ( Option 3.1.17 )
  • Change App Icon (11 icons now!).
  • [Fixed] Search GIF Cannot Select.
  • Change Notifybar icon (there are 22 icons to choose from).
  • [ Exclusive ] Added My About.
  • Hide Archived Chats (fully fixed).
  • [Fixed] In Conversation Translation.
  • Shrink Notify bar messages.
  • Video send limit 700mb.
  • [Exclusive] All WhatsMapp features.
  • Plus Emojis.
  • [Exclusive] Unicode 9 Emojis.
  • Share HQ images.
  • Image/Video preview.
  • [Fixed] Inconsistent Blue Ticks.
  • Long Press camera button to send HQ Image.
  • Send 100 Images instead of 10!
  • [New] Plus Emojis.
  • Call Confirmation before calling.
  • Materialized Icons.
  • Group messages counter.
  • Copy Status.
  • Select text in conversation bubbles.
  • Unread Counter on Profile Picture.
  • New attach Icons.
  • New design tweaks.
  • Received/Missed/outgoing call icons.
  • Blue UI by default.
  • Option to set Your Name in Main Screen.
  • Option to Hide ProfilePic in Conversation Screen.
  • Hide Attach and Call Icon in conversation screen.
  • Status up to 250 words.
  • Other Bugs Fixed.

Exceptional Yo Settings:

1.1 Colors.

1.2 Styles (Look and feel).

1.3 Mods.

3.1.0 Action Bar.

  • Change color of Action Bar on Chat Screen.

3.1.1 Conversation Background Color.

  • Change background color of conversation, when set to “no wallpaper”.

3.1.2 Contact Status Background.

  • Change General Contact status background in Conversation screen.

3.1.3 Contact Stutas Text Color.

  • Change the text of the General contact status in conversations screen.

3.1.4 Conversation UI Entry Background.

  • Change the Color of the Entry Background.

3.1.5 Conversation UI Buttons Color.

  • Change the color of the Entry icons.

3.1.6 Emoji Button Color.

  • Emoji button in conversation screen color.

3.1.7 Send Button Color.

  • Send/Mic color in the conversation screen.

Yo Whatsapp is not available on the Google Play store. So download the latest version official Whatsapp from here

Yo Whatsapp v6.40 apk

We hope that Yo WhatsApp is the best version than other modded version. So it is the very enjoyable and more flexible to WhatsApp users. It’s good opportunity for the Yo users Yo is updated after three months by Yo developer.Download Yo and enjoy yourself.

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